Applying to VVIS is a four step process and the school is unable to admit your child until your file is complete. Steps 1 and 3 can be submitted at different times or concurrently.

An email will be sent to confirm receipt of the forms.  Acknowledgement of receipt of documents does not imply admission.  A student’s admission is regarded as provisional until the final step in the process has been concluded and the relevant fees have been paid.  The registration fee, which is non-refundable, allows a student to be considered as a candidate for admission to the school.  A student’s place is only guaranteed once the security deposit has been paid.

Step 1: Opening an Application File
In order to initiate the application process, an application form has to be submitted, accompanied by the registration fee of €150.

Step 2: Placement Testing
Students applying to Years 7 – 13 who do not have English as their mother tongue will be asked to complete an English Placement Test. Students requiring additional language lessons in order to cope with the curriculum framework, may be recommended to take extra lessons after school, at the parents’ expense.

Subject specific placement tests might be required to place a student in the correct level of a course – i.e. mathematics, foreign language and science.  In addition, a personal interview is required prior to commencement of studies.

Step 3: Completing the Application File
The following documents need to be completed as soon as possible after submission of the Application Form, but have to be submitted prior to admission:

  • Copy of recent school records
  • Health record and vaccination certificates
  • Language Background Form
  • Any previous academic/emotional/physical assessment reports
  • A copy of your child’s passport
  • A passport size photo
  • A copy of the parent’s (or fee paying guardian’s) tax (contribuinte) card
  • Payment of a non-refundable registration fee:
    • €150 for an open place registration
  • A signed copy of the Financial Regulations

All forms should be completed and mailed to:

VVIS Admissions
Apartado 125
8601-927 LUZ, Lagos

Or emailed as an attachment to: Ms. Sonia Nogueira at

Step 4: Acceptance
Once the Application File is completed, it will be sent to the head of the relevant division for the final decision regarding the acceptance/grade placement of your child

As VVIS does not have the facilities or resources for students with special needs, applicants with learning disabilities cannot be considered for admission. Previous school reports and other documents (refer to Step 3) have to be submitted prior to admission.

Students are accepted on a space-available basis throughout the current school year.  Applications will not be considered more than two years in advance of the expected date of entry.

For previously wait-listed students the Admissions Office will call as soon as a space becomes available. An acceptance letter will be emailed to you to welcome your family to our VVIS community.