Vale Verde International School

REGISTRATION € 250 for all age groups

Pupils will be considered as candidates for admission to the school when the registration form has been completed and returned and the non-refundable fee paid.



YEARS Annual Fee In 3 Instalments
€ 5,373.00
€ 1,791.00
Years 1 & 2
€ 5,373.00
€ 1,791.00
Years 3 & 4
€ 5,562.00
€ 1,854.00
Year 5 & 6
€ 5,886.00
€ 1,962.00
Year 7 & 8
€ 7,074.00
€ 2,358.00
Year 9
€ 7,389.00
€ 2,463.00
Year 10
€ 8,064.00
€ 2,688.00
Year 11 (IGCSE) € 8,064.00 *See Notes below
Years 12 & 13 (AS & A Levels)
€ 3,300.00 per subject
*See Notes below

Fees for Year 11 Term 1: € 3000 Term 2: € 3000 Term 3: € 2064
Fees for Year 12 & 13 Term 1, 2 & 3: € 1100 x # of subjects
The above fees include € 300 per subject for deposits paid by 30 June.
(Examination fees for IGCSE and A levels are payable in January – allow for € 120 per subject).

a) Annual – For full year fees received on or before the first day of September term only, a 3% discount will be given.
b) Sibling – the above fee’s are based on the first child. a 2% discount will be applied on the youngest second child.

The Security Deposit for Secondary and Upper School (years 7 – 13) is the equivalent of one term’s fee. This deposit is payable once a student has been accepted for enrolment, but no later than 1 August, in order for a student to be secured a place in the school. This deposit is refundable on condition that parents give a full one term’s written notice before the pupil leaves the school, all library books and locker keys have been returned and there are no other monies outstanding. Security deposits are payable irrespective of whether the annual fees are paid in full.  The Security Deposit for Primary School pupils will be €500, under the same conditions as above.

As from June 2016, and to guarantee the teaching of a subject, a security deposit of €300 per AS/A level subject will be payable. This amount will be applied towards fees for term 1, but is non-refundable if the student does not register for that subject for the following academic year.

The school reserves the right to suspend without prior notice any pupil who behaves badly on the bus. The bus contracts are concluded on a yearly basis. Transport commitments and seat allocations are for a full school year.


The parent/guardian is responsible for the full payment of fees for the last term in which the student is registered.  There will be no discount for absences from school.  Teachers are contracted to teach during exams and students are encouraged to attend these very important revision lessons.


Books provided by VVIS remain the property of the school.  Students must take proper care of their books and return them at the end of the school year in perfect condition for re-use.  If books are damaged, VVIS reserves the right to charge these books at the purchase price and deduct from the Security Deposit.

The school reserves the right to require a pupil’s immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal for a grave disciplinary offence, or if the school considers such a withdrawal to be in the best interest of the pupil or the establishment, and to cancel the agreement with the parents to provide education for the pupil. Admission of a pupil implies that the terms and conditions contained in this document have been agreed upon.