Students at VVIS work hard to support a number of charities through fundraising and active participation. These include:

  • Local soup kitchens via a school Harvest Festival
  • Donations, war remembrance and poppy-wearing for the Royal British Legion
  • Creating Christmas Shoe Boxes for the Samaritans
  • Supporting the Movember campaign to raise awareness of cancer and money for cancer victims

At VVIS we believe that students’ participation in charitable events should be an opportunity for them to develop their thinking, and to provide additional opportunities to learn about the wider community as well as the World.

At VVIS we strive to build a sense of community – between students, staff, parents, local and international organisations and businesses. We believe that a young person’s time in school should be a safe and happy place in which to develop. We recognise that no one is perfect, and that our students need a secure and caring environment in which to grow. At VVIS we seek to inculcate in our students a sense of responsibility for themselves and for others. Learning should be both fun and purposeful, and that school can and should be both enjoyable and disciplined.

The views of our students and parents matter to us. We are a very ‘open’ school, always ready to consider the views of our community members. We are also a school that believes in providing strong leadership – in setting clear goals for our School’s on-going development.

VVIS is always seeking ways in which it can purposefully engage with the wider community – whether it be in arranging inter-schools fixtures, arranging work experience for our students, inviting parents to School events, or establishing links with local and international charities. Through all of the relationships that we develop, we seek to provide new educational experiences for all those involved. We are very clear in our belief that none of us, regardless of our age and experience, stop learning. We see it as integral to the development of our School community that learning continues to take place for all.