It has been proven that early learners master a second language quickly. It is our aim at VVIS for all our students to achieve bilingualism at a very early age.

VVIS Preschool follows the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) taught mainly in Portuguese, with some themes being taught in English.  The curriculum framework is structured to ensure that pupils are able to communicate in both languages by the end of their second year at VVIS Preschool.  Below is a brief outline of the thematic units covered during Preschool years:

In Numeracy and Maths, it is our aim to develop and support cognitive thinking and reasoning, which skills are vital throughout a child’s lifespan to prepare them for their mathematical future.

In Social Science, pupils will learn about the larger community, environment, conservation, pet care, hygiene, and basic astronomy.

In Physical Development & Motor Skills, the curriculum aims to promote early physical development to prepare children for their fitness levels later.

In Social & Emotional Skills, we recognize the importance of developing and nurturing self-respect and respect for others, building confidence, and establishing social and interpersonal skills.

In Technology & Science, we aim to promote early technology whilst maintaining a healthy balance in young learners.

In Visual & Creative Arts, we recognize the importance for young minds to express themselves and develop their creativity via multi-sensory activities.

All learning areas are research based and reinforced with fun activities to ensure that children experience learning in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.