Vale Verde Primary School is one of Europe’s few true bilingual schools. Started initially as a pilot scheme following research on the most effective way to promote bilingualism among younger learners, the concept of bilingual education has proved to be a success. From a very young age, pupils learn self-confidence by taking turns in addressing visitors, parents, teachers and co-students in the school theatre in both languages.   By providing pupils with a wide range of experiences, responsibilities and skills, pupils acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding to help them to think independently and creatively.

In order to embrace the Estudo de Meio programme recently introduced by the Ministry of Education in Portugal, bilingual teaching will now be divided 50/50 between English and Portuguese.  This curriculum framework includes History and Geography which is being taught in Portuguese to Years 1 – 4.  We strongly believe that this bilingual approach will enrich students’ lives here in Portugal, and enhance their capacity for learning additional languages later on. VVIS offers the option of continuing a British curriculum with international adaptions throughout the Secondary years leading to the University of Cambridge IGCSE examinations in Year 11 (Age 16) and the Advanced Level examinations (Age 18) suitable for university entry.

Portuguese teaching is primarily focused on the arts, culture and sports which provide progressive building blocks for non-native speakers, but also ensures that by the end of the Primary Years Programme, the student should be well prepared for Portuguese tuition.

Aims and Objectives – VVIS Primary Section

Our aims are to provide the necessary experience and activities to help children to develop fully at the elementary phase, while helping them to become individuals. We value independence, self-respect and self-motivation, and our curriculum provides children with the opportunities to develop these characteristics. We also promote a creative and practical approach to learning.

Through our curriculum and its teaching methods, VVIS Primary aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum developing the intellectual, emotional and physical potential of each child.

We provide quality education within a caring supportive environment aiming to develop a responsible community in which we celebrate by word and example the capability of each individual.  Through the highest teaching standards of care, encouragement and inspiration, we provide a challenging curriculum, which will develop each child’s maximum potential that will help to equip them for their lives ahead.

All pupils are valued and in turn will be encouraged to show respect to each other and to the community.