At VVIS our prime concern is that students enjoy coming to School because they love their subjects, respect and like the staff, and feel safe. At VVIS we understand that learning does not take place if students’ basic needs of health, safety and security are not met. We ensure this aim is met by providing skilled and experienced school staff, excellent conditions for study, a protective environment for play and study, healthy food options, and regular access to exercise.  In accordance with local ordinances, Ministerial regulations and the school’s own health and safety policies, VVIS recognises that the health and safety of students is paramount.  The school is fully equipped with fire alarms and hydrants and has passed all health and safety inspections conducted by authorities including the local council and fire department.

Senior students and teachers are issued biometric gate passes to ensure secure access to and from the school grounds.  The school is also monitored by 24 hour CCTV surveillance, with rapid response from a local security company in case of intrusion or other emergency.


Where appropriate such as concern for special needs, the school will recommend psychological evaluation by the school psychologist.  For general health care, the school works closely with a local private clinic.

Children who have been suffering from fever, vomiting, diarrhoea or infectious diseases should stay at home until the student has been free of all symptoms for a full 24 hours. Any student with a contagious bacterial infection must complete at least 24 hours of antibiotics before returning to School.

Emergency Measures

In accordance with the school’s license, memberships and accreditations, VVIS employs a range of emergency practices designed to prevent injury.


Whilst moving around the school, students should:

  1. Keep to the left whilst moving around the school.
  2. Keep noise to a minimum as excess noise will disturb others.
  3. Walk, not run inside the buildings or in any crowded area.
  4. Play ball games on the enclosed court where trainers must be worn.
  5. Not enter the main building or outside classrooms during break times
  1. Leave bags in their lockers – not outside the building, in corridors, on tables or in the Canteen.
  2. Not leave the school premises without the knowledge of the teacher on duty or their Form Tutor.
  3. Note that swearing on the school grounds is a punishable offence – with zero tolerance for swearing inside the school building.
  4. Make the school a safe place for all and report any misconduct to the Head or to the teacher on ground duty.