The purpose of the VVIS Student Council is to promote harmonious relations throughout the school; provide a forum for student expression; improve student-teacher relationships; promote community involvement and the general welfare of the school community. Students involved with the Student Council develop leadership skills such as listening, diplomacy, compromise and effective communication, which skills are essential in our challenging world.

At VVIS our Student Council (SC) is organised at the beginning of each academic year, created from volunteer students from each year group (years 6 – 13) and approved by school staff members.

Typically each Form Group provides two SC members. The Council organises its own meetings with an agenda and minutes, under supervision of the Head. Depending on the time of year and number of events, these normally take place once every two weeks.  The SC acts as a voice of the student body. Members can convey ideas and concerns to the rest of the Council, and members also help disseminate information back to Form Groups. The SC is responsible for generating ideas as to how monies can be raised and then used to purchase items for the benefit of all students, or be used as donations to charities.

All student members are expected to act as ambassadors of VVIS and ultimately, the SC and Head Boy and Head Girl are expected to be role models inside school and when they represent VVIS outside of school.

Head Boy & Head Girl:

VVIS Staff appoint a Head Boy and Head Girl each year to give two exceptional students a chance to represent the Student Body.  As role models, they should aim at excellence and lead by example to younger students.  Leadership, planning and interpersonal skills are developed through a variety of activities.  As leaders they are able to inspire their colleagues by making positive contributions to life at school.  The Head Boy and Head Girl play a key role, along with the House Captains, in ensuring the VVIS House System operates effectively. The Head Boy and Head Girl have regular meetings with the Head to discuss projects and initiatives and to feedback information. These students are also expected to play a regular part in the weekly whole-School assembly.

House System:

Students at VVIS are allocated one of four Houses at the start of each academic year:

  • Dali
  • Foreman
  • Gandhi
  • Rowling

Each House has a Captain who is responsible for leading House events, and who represents the House at certain events.

The House System is intended to encourage teamwork; students can individually or as part of a wider group win points for their House. Weekly and overall House Point totals are communicated to the rest of the School. The winning House at the end of the year is awarded the VVIS House Cup.

Inter-schools Competitions:

We believe in healthy competition between students, and to help achieve this we organise a calendar of inter-school competitions. These are often of a sporting nature (e.g. football, hockey and basketball), although they can also be of a general nature such as debating.

Extra-curricular Activities:

VVIS provides a timetable of after-School events for students to participate in and develop additional skills, knowledge, and understanding. Clubs are often open to students across the age range so students have the chance to work with others they wouldn’t normally work with. Clubs include craft-making, computing, football, cross-country, drama, netball, maths, science, dance, and extra Portuguese. Music tuition is also currently offered at the weekends.


VVIS plans and organises a number of excursions for students during the course of the year. These mostly relate to school curricula – e.g. historical visits, field trips etc. – but can also provide team-bonding opportunities for students and staff. Students studying Travel and Tourism at A level have to be able to plan and organise a school excursion themselves as part of their course.